Two Pieces are Twice the Fun!
Posted On: 3/3/2017 8:26:06 AM In Prom 2017 Dresses

Ready to turn heads at Prom? Then a Two piece dress is the way to go. Two Piece Prom Dresses are one of the hottest prom trends for 2017 because these sets are fun flirty and fresh. They are versatile and you can either have a more modest version, or you can show a little more skin.

Night Radiance

Get on the best dressed list with Style 17012. The sheer beaded halter top is accented with shimmery bead work, and these dazzling beads can also be found on the waistline of the skirt. This sassy two-piece ensemble will show off your figure to the full-length sheath skirt.

Dazzling Delight

Make a bold entrance at prom in style 17288. The illusion halter neckline bodice glitters with dazzling bead work in with elegant jeweled accents. The beaded accents detail the waistline and around the knee, adding style as this stunning two-piece ensemble glides to a layered trumpet skirt with pizzazz and pop.

Total Knock-Out

Be fancy and fabulous in style 17276. The lace halter top stands out with daring details. It is gracefully paired with a dramatic trumpet skirt, which is fitted at the hip, with layered tiers flaring from the knee.

Sparkle & Shine

Electrify your night in vibrant style 17165. Sparkly sequins light up the crop top bodice, and an open back adds pizzazz to the ensemble. The tulle skirt completes the look and will make you feel like a princess. This two-piece is sure to outshine your classmates all night.

Classic Chic

Express your essence in style 17102. It features a halter style top, while colorful beading glimmers at the collar, hem, and waistline of the skirt. Bright medleys of painted flowers provide posh accents to both the top and the flowing skirt.

These two piece dresses will make you the envy of all of your classmates for Prom! Step out of the box with these stylish ensembles!

Quintessential Colors For Your Quince!
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Your Quinceanera dress is extremely important and for good reason. You are saying goodbye to being a little girl, and hello to all that womanhood has to offer. Not only will you use this night to show your loved ones that you’ve grown into a woman, but you also want to show them that you’ve grown into a stylish one as well, with exceptional taste in fashion.Traditionally, Quince dresses were usually white, much like a wedding gown without the train or the veil.

Red (17004)

A red dress is definitely a bold choice! Red gives off a sophisticated vibe and exudes confidence and enthusiasm. If you’re a girl who likes to stand out in a big way, red is definitely for you. It’ll show your guests that you’re daring and that not only do you not shy away from attention, you revel in it. Choosing a red dress is choosing to be the fashion star of your ENVIOUS Quinceanera show!

Blue (17021)

Blue is generally associated with calmness and cleanliness. For example, think about the sky on a clear day, or a calm ocean in the middle of summer. Blue is very peaceful, and may be perfect for a girl who is cool calm and collected. So if this is you, definitely go for the blue. You can pair your blue dress with accents of metallic gold and silver, or you can opt for a more surprising option and color block.

Gold (17017)

Gold evokes the feeling of prestige. The meaning of gold is illumination, wisdom, and wealth. Gold often symbolizes high quality. If you enjoy luxurious things, a gold dress will be a great fit. In an Envious Gold dress, the entire room will feel your majestic glow. You will be sure to sparkle and shine.

Green (17006)

Green also exudes peace and calmness, but it also represents self-reliance, balance, growth, and security. In a way, green gives off an independent vibe, which could be perfect considering the reason for the Quinceanera in the first place! This color is also fun and free-spirited. Green can be paired with almost any color. It can be sophisticated when you pair it with champagne, silver, or gold. You also have the option to go earthy, and finish your look with neutral colors like nude and brown.

Pink (17016)

A pink dress is feminine and sweet, but it also radiates compassion and love. As a mix of the two colors, Pink represents the passion of red but is softened by white into a purer and more innocent emotion. If you want to make your traditional pink dress look a bit bolder, opt for darker accessories like ruby red or another jewel tone you love. But if you want to stick with a totally glamorous look, go with gold and silver accessories for your pink gown.

Purple (17005)

Purple is associated with royalty. It symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, and ambition. If this is you, a purple dress is a great fit! In a Regal Purple dress, you will definitely feel queenly, and your Quinceanera venue will become your palace. With the perfect tiara and accessories, you’ll be ready to take your throne.

Make A Statement With The Hottest Color Of The Year, Greenery!
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As a very fashionable gal, I am sure you heard by now Pantone's announcement to its fresh and surprising color, green. Well, the exact name is "Greenery" and it is a zesty yellow-green shade that evokes nature's first days of spring.

Every spring we enter a new cycle and we all have the new year, new me mentality and our goal is to "Regenerate, Refresh, and Revitalize." Well, that is exactly what this color represents.

Now I know what you are thinking— green is not really that much of a flattering color and it's not everyone's first choice when it comes to choosing an exquisite formal dress.

However, there is hope! We gathered 5 of our favorite designs to rock out this grassy tint with beautiful on-trend fabrics and silhouettes.


This color shifting dress will sure make quite the statement. side from the fact that is a two piece dress, it has a lovely high-neck beaded detail. The pastel pink and mint green set a very romantic look, but if you want to try something more edgy, I recommend the black and gold option.


This lovely mint gown has the perfect beaded bodice and double keyhole back. It also comes in a pretty pink shade so you and your bff can match!


Simple yet delightful! This gown comes in three different shades, one being similar to the color of 2017. The flowy chiffon and simple silhouette is perfect for spring.


A mint quince dress is perfect for a simple, fresh look! This sweetheart dress has a pink detail to add the right amount of sparkle.


This dress might just be my favorite of all 5. It is the type of dress you want to imagine yourself strutting down the runway with a fan effect moving your hair and the flowy chiffon gown. It is the perfect mixture of bold and fun because of the visible mini and floral pink pattern.

So what do you think? It is not that hard going green after all with all of these gorgeous options we offer! Tell us which one is your favorite!


Modern Belle: Similar Beauty And The Beast Dresses For Your Fairy tale Quince

Since we were little girls all we ever dreamed of was being a princess. The shiny crown, fluffy dresses, and even prince charming; we wanted it all!

Lucky for you, we have multiple quince dresses to make you look and feel like a Disney princess! I guess you can say we are secretly your fairy godmother.

We took inspiration from the lovely Belle from Beauty and the Beast since the live action film was recently released.  Here are our top 4 Envious Couture dress options to make you look like the perfect, modern Belle.





These Envious Couture options are all a great alternative to the common bright yellow we constantly see. It adds a very vintage, pastel twist to the modern beauty, and we absolutely love it! Let us know what Disney princess you always dreamed of being!



Dallas Market Recap: Thank you for stopping by!

Last week Karishma Creations headed to Dallas to showcase our new Fall 2017 dress collection as well as our new Quinceañera  line, Camilla Q. We were excited to see many stores from across the United States interested in carrying our collections!  

Thank you Dallas Market for welcoming us! That being said, we will be heading to AmericasMart Atlanta on April 4-6. If you would like to know more information, follow us on social media to keep you updated! 

Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.
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Even though we know Miranda Sings will not be okay with this, the April issue of British Vogue said florals are back. Thankfully, We have the perfect chic dresses to make you look lovely this spring.


A simple yet beautiful dress that is perfect for an outdoor event. This 2 piece A-line dress comes in white with an embroidered floral pattern on the waist line of the skirt and Illusion crop top. The embroidered floral detail against the simple white dress gives a fresh yet vintage vibe to it. Just in case you were wondering, we do offer this dress in black as well. #TotallyCoveting


Yes, this dress comes in two adorable colors red, and blue. The 2-piece mermaid dresses also come with a fun floral print on the skirt and a matching yet solid color halter crop top perfect to pair with a nice chunky necklace.


The type of dress that will make you “slay” on a fun evening, will definitely be this one! The navy 2-piece mermaid silhouette dress has bright printed pink roses that scream, fun! My favorite detail will probably be the sparkling details among the lace halter-top.


This dress made an appearance on our Facebook page not too along and everyone loved it! (If you are not following us on social media yet, it is not too late) this two-piece mermaid silhouette dress will definitely make you stand out! The white lace halter top adds the right balance to the blue floral pattern of the skirt.



Make a Statement down The Aisle
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The wedding dress is both intimate and personal for women – it must reflect the personality and style of the bride. On your special day, you should look like yourself at your most beautiful. This is a day most girls have dreamed. Here are some famous love quotes paired with some of our favorite Adagio Bridal dresses.


"I been looking for you since I heard my first fairy tale"


"And I knew exactly how Walt Disney's Cinderella felt when she found her prince."


"Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale."


"You know when you have found your prince because you not only have a smile on your face but in your heart as well."

Find similar dresses to celebrities that attended the Billboard Latin Music awards 2017
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This past Friday was the billboard Latin Music awards and let’s be honest; aside from the great performances what we looked forward to was the red carpet looks.  We can all agree that Jennifer Lopez won best dressed in her gorgeous dress, but there were a few celebrities stunning as well in dresses very similar to some offered by Karishma Creations.

Trend Alert: The deep V is back!


Patricia Zavala sported a silver "naked" dress, revealing her slim shape from top to bottom. Too much? Not for this red carpet. Our dress offers a similar intricate detail on the bodice only followed by a wine or white sheath skirt.


Carla Medina appeared with a maxi, pleated skirt looking both sultry and regal. Our dress offers a similar lace patterned bodice with a low V, It comes in black, silver and gold


Sofia Reyes looks like a fairy princess! We are loving the floral appliqué bodice very similar to our dress 17074. The main difference will be the detailed sleeves but we can agree that this is a perfect alternative for that gorgeous dress!


Alexandra Pomales looks like a tall glass of sparkling champagne with the rose sequin on her dress! We offer a similar sequin dress that comes in aqua, fuchsia, and silver.


Jessica Carrillo took a different approach to the deep V dress. The thick lace material covers just the right places of her nude dress. We took a more girl next door approach by keeping the same swirly pattern over a white lace sweetheart dress with a sheath skirt. What do you think?

Are you ready to take your deep V to the next level?



Dress Like You're Already Famous: Met Gala 2017 Dress Inspiration
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The most anticipated runway is the Met Gala.Let's face it we look forward to seeing what and who the celebrities are wearing. We chose some of our favorite looks of the night and compared them to some of our dresses.


This lovely pale blue dress reminisces most of our bridesmaids gowns.


If you are more on the edgier side this dress is perfect for you! we do offer it in purple and white as well. Which will you wear?


Katie Holmes worked a pleated mermaid dress very similar to our Envious Couture navy dress. However, our dress is paired with a beautiful detailed bodice.


Co-host Gisele stepped into the blue carpet in a silver gown with oblique-baring cutouts. Our sparkling dresses hug the body in a similar way, but with a gorgeous dangling detail on the back.


A night sky dress similar to the one Lea Saedoux is wearing, but with more sparkle.


Candice Swanepoel is wearing a lovely full black gown. Our not so simalr gown has a deep V with sparkling details.


Zendaya is rocking a loud printed ball gown. Our printed full ball skirt is bold and fun as a two piece!


Frances Cobain wore a beautiful black and metalic dress similar to our dresses's bodice.

Which one will you wear to your big event?