Make A Statement With The Hottest Color Of The Year, Greenery!
Posted On: 3/22/2017 5:10:44 AM In Prom 2017 Dresses Quince2017 Dresses Prom 2017 Dresses

As a very fashionable gal, I am sure you heard by now Pantone's announcement to its fresh and surprising color, green. Well, the exact name is "Greenery" and it is a zesty yellow-green shade that evokes nature's first days of spring.

Every spring we enter a new cycle and we all have the new year, new me mentality and our goal is to "Regenerate, Refresh, and Revitalize." Well, that is exactly what this color represents.

Now I know what you are thinking— green is not really that much of a flattering color and it's not everyone's first choice when it comes to choosing an exquisite formal dress.

However, there is hope! We gathered 5 of our favorite designs to rock out this grassy tint with beautiful on-trend fabrics and silhouettes.


This color shifting dress will sure make quite the statement. side from the fact that is a two piece dress, it has a lovely high-neck beaded detail. The pastel pink and mint green set a very romantic look, but if you want to try something more edgy, I recommend the black and gold option.


This lovely mint gown has the perfect beaded bodice and double keyhole back. It also comes in a pretty pink shade so you and your bff can match!


Simple yet delightful! This gown comes in three different shades, one being similar to the color of 2017. The flowy chiffon and simple silhouette is perfect for spring.


A mint quince dress is perfect for a simple, fresh look! This sweetheart dress has a pink detail to add the right amount of sparkle.


This dress might just be my favorite of all 5. It is the type of dress you want to imagine yourself strutting down the runway with a fan effect moving your hair and the flowy chiffon gown. It is the perfect mixture of bold and fun because of the visible mini and floral pink pattern.

So what do you think? It is not that hard going green after all with all of these gorgeous options we offer! Tell us which one is your favorite!