Can I purchase a dress directly from Karishma or on the web?

Karishma Creations does not sell gowns directly to the public. Our dresses are available only through authorized Karishma retailers, where you will receive professional, personal, high quality service.

How do I find the price of a dress that I am interested in?

Please contact an authorized Karishma retailer near you.  Since Karishma Creations distributes internationally, pricing structures vary throughout the areas where our collections are sold. Please use our store locator to find a Karishma retailer closest to your area; they will be happy to provide you with pricing information.

How do I find an Authorized Karishma Creations Retailer?

To find an authorized Karishma Creations store near you, please check our store locator and search by zip or postal code, state.

Why should I buy from a retailer if a Karishma gown is for sale on the Internet?

Karishma Creations is not directly associated with any internet selling services and only distributes through authorized retailers. Therefore, if you choose to buy a product that is advertised on the internet, there is a strong possibility that you may not receive an authentic Karishma Creations gown. It is highly suggested in order to ensure that you receive an authentic Karishma Creations gown you should only buy Karishma Creations products from an authorized retailer.

What sizes do your dresses come in?

Dress sizes vary with the style of gown.Please click the chart link located near the dress image you are viewing for the size ranges of the gown.

How do I know what size dress to order?

An authorized retailer near you can discuss your measurements and assist with the size that is best for you. It is difficult to provide sizing information without seeing you in person. Please visit the nearest authorized Karishma Creations retailer.When you place your order with them, an experienced sales person will take your measurements and assist you in ordering the appropriate size.

Do your dresses come in other colors than pictured?

Except for the prints, most of our dresses are offered in more than one color. You may view the available color table alongside the picture of the gown. You will see an array of approximate colors available. Some colors vary depending on the fabric.

How do I get a catalog of your collections?

All of our latest collections can be seen online. To view a store catalog, please check with your nearest authorized Karishma Creations Retailer.

Can you send me a picture of a certain style?

The images we have on our website are usually the only colors we have photographed. For the best visualization of a color, please visit a store in your area that may have dresses in stock. Colors on our website may vary.

How do I become an authorized Karishma retailer?

If you’re interested in carrying Karishma Creations in your store, please contact our customer service department at 281-240-3363. An account representative will assist you.  This information will be forwarded to a sales representative in your area who will contact you.

What are the browser recommendations for your site?
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